Did You Know?

  • 85% of young people 15-17 have acne—although every person’s acne is different, remember you aren’t alone in this fight.

  • If caught early and treated properly, acne is not only manageable but it can also totally go away!

  • CSP’s experts aren’t affiliated with any acne products or brands, so we’ll always give you 100% unbiased advice.

Find The Right Treatment For Your Skin

The first step toward finding the right treatment for your acne is identifying exactly what type of acne you have. There are tons of treatment options available and there’s something for everyone, but what works for mild acne likely won’t work for severe acne, and vice versa.

Take this quick quiz to self-diagnose your type of acne and get general treatment recommendations based on that—but note it’s still important to see a dermatologist to get a full assessment and diagnosis!

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Ask Our Experts

Ask Our Experts

The Clear Skin Project is led by a team of acne experts who recognize that every person’s acne is unique and may require different types of treatment. If you can’t find what you were looking for in our FAQs or Expert Advice sections, ask your question here to get a response directly from our team!



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