How should I wash my face?

Hygiene can be such a drag, taking precious minutes away from your snooze-button-hitting time every morning—but it’s also the final front in the battle against acne.

Dermatologists not only agree on the importance of face-washing, but they agree on the best way to do it: gently. Washing it too hard can irritate the skin, causing more breakouts. That’s the worst of both worlds. More acne and less sleep? No, thank you!

Make sure that the cleanser you choose is mild —consult your dermatologist if you’d like a recommendation—and wash with clean hands or a very soft facial cloth. If you’d like a little extra firepower, some topical medications are available, but they should only be considered a supplement, never a replacement, for face washing.

Regarding how often you should wash your face, most dermatologists recommend once or twice daily depending on your skin type and condition. No need to do it more than that, as over washing can also make acne worse.

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