Natural Acne Products

imagetempalte_1Though OTC products can be helpful when taken correctly, it’s possible for them to actually cause more irritation. In these cases, people turn to natural home remedies, which may be just as helpful as OTC products but come without any of the potential irritants.



Below are five of the most effective natural methods for treating acne. When used correctly and regularly, they are the most effective way to curb acne growth:


  1. Tea tree oil – Topical gels containing five percent tea tree oil have been known to be as effective against acne as benzoyl peroxide, the main ingredient of many OTC products. NOTE: In cases of acne rosacea (adult acne), tea tree oil may worsen symptoms.
  2. Alpha hydroxy acids – Commonly found in citrus fruits, these acids remove dead skin cells, unclog pores and improve the appearance of acne scars when applied topically.
  3. Azelaic acid – Found in whole-grain cereals, this natural acid can rid your pores of harmful acne-causing bacteria when applied topically as a cream.
  4. Zinc supplements – Taking zinc orally can heal some acne lesions and reduce skin inflammation in order to discourage the further growth of acne formations.
  5. Brewer’s yeast – When taken as an oral supplement, specifically the strain CBS 5926, has been known to decrease acne formations and promote better skin health.


Though the precise effectiveness and longevity of these natural treatments are unknown, they can be very effective and a healthy alternative to over-the-counter treatments.



In order to get the most out of your natural acne treatments, you still need to stick to a healthy acne prevention daily regimen. Being diligent about certain rules will help your treatments be more effective:

  • Wash your face once or twice a day with a gentle cleanser in order to rid your pores of dirt and oil.
  • Keep your hair clean, free of excess oil and out of your face. Oil can travel from your hair to deep within your pores and cause inflammation.
  • Do not squeeze your pimples as it can worsen acne and increase scarring.
  • Limit the amount of things that touch your face by cutting down on phone activity, overexposure to sunlight and access to dirty linens.



When over-the-counter products are not an option, there are several natural acne treatments that can improve the condition of your acne as well as ways to ensure that these treatments last, by properly preventing further acne growth.

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