What Causes Acne Scarring on Your Back?

shutterstock_266589974_240x185_acf_croppedSome things are cool to wear on your back: a trendy brightly colored backpack, a friend during a piggyback ride, a jet pack (we’re still holding out
hope). One thing that’s not welcome on your back? Acne.

While “bacne” may not be as prominently displayed as its relative that hangs out on your face, there’s nothing low-key about it. Just like face acne, back acne is created when the oil sebum blocks hair follicles and they become inflamed. And just like face acne, it can form unsightly breakout clusters.

Unfortunately, it can also cause pretty severe scarring. Unlike your face, which you’re staring at in those selfies all day, your back doesn’t get a lot of primetime attention. This might cause you to scratch or pick acne that you don’t even know is there. It’s also important to pay attention to the clothes you wear when suffering from back acne. Anything that’s too tight or itchy might irritate it and make it worse.

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