Exercising + Keeping Clear Skin

iStock_000024883115_Full_240x185_acf_croppedExercise is a great way to clear your pores (as well as put you in a better mood if acne or anything else has you feeling blue), but if you don’t wash up properly afterwards, it can also be harmful. Be sure to follow these three simple guidelines and make sure those pores stay unclogged!

Wash your face, neck, chest and back areas gently with warm water and soap to clear your pores and get rid of excess sweat and oil.

After washing your skin, apply a thin layer of a light benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid ointment to keep out acne-forming oil and dead skin. Ask your dermatologist or pharmacist if you need help picking out the right ointment.

Make sure to always clean up within one to three hours after your workout. Waiting any longer may result in clogged pores, acne, and the feeling that you wasted forty-five minutes on the elliptical.

Even a light workout can work up enough of a sweat to clog some pores, so it’s important to get into this habit after every workout, not just on the hot yoga days (but definitely don’t forget to on the hot yoga days).

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