Exercise + Acne

iStock_000012848561_Full_240x185_acf_croppedI know what you’re thinking. Exercise? Don’t tell me exercise is bad for me now too!

Well, it’s not—but it can be bad for your skin. Exercise is actually beneficial to your skin, as sweat clears out your pores, but there are a couple mistakes you can make that can cause acne disasters. Make sure to follow these tips to avoid any porous pitfalls:

  • Shower and Wash Your Face Soon After Exercise. Exercise causes sebum, that pesky acne-causing oil, to cover your skin. Make sure to wash within two or three hours or risk getting clogged pores.
  • Keep Your Equipment Clean. Your sports equipment is there to protect you from that tackle or help you make the game-winning catch, but it can also work against you if you don’t keep it clean. Make sure your pads, helmets, gloves and any other equipment stays clean and away from dirty surfaces in order to decrease risk of acne-causing bacteria. Bonus: it’ll get mom and dad off your back about cleaning up.

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