College + Acne

iStock_000054053290_XXXLarge_240x185_acf_croppedCollege! The best four years ever! Also? Terrifying!

College is an amazing time where you’ll meet new people, have more freedom than you’ve ever known, and grow both academically and socially (don’t forget that academically part!). It’s fun, but navigating all of that at once can also be really stressful. Stress, as we know, can unfortunately cause skin problems. Below are some issues to be aware of so you can do your best to nip them in the bud:

A Proper Skin Care Routine is Difficult to Maintain. Even though you have more freedom, college life gets very busy very quickly, and every day is different. This makes it very difficult to settle into a daily routine, and you may be tempted to let your daily skin care fall by the wayside. Remember: you might be dying to take a nap after your 8AM Anthro lecture, but acne will not. Stick to your routine if you want to stick to preventing acne. Acne never naps.

It May Be Difficult to Eat Properly. Three words for you: buffets, buffets, buffets. Many colleges give freshman unlimited meal plans to cafeterias that have limitless amounts of cafeteria food. Findings on how diet affects acne are somewhat mixed at this point, but we do know that balanced and nutrient-rich meals may help overall skin health. So even though you can get three bowls of bacon mac and cheese, remember that you don’t have to. Check out our articles on this in our Food and Acne section.

The Clear Skin Project is here to Help! We provide a wealth of resources to help you fight acne:

  • Check out the skin care information available at your fingertips in the Articles & Tips section.
  • We also have a popular Ask the Expert section which is dedicated to answering some of your most pressing acne questions.

There’s no time like the present – take control of your skin care now so you can be well on your way to healthy, beautiful skin!

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