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#TipTuesday: For Healthy Skin, MOISTURIZE!

For Healthy Skin Month, we’ll be sharing tips every Tuesday.

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First up: Moisturizing your skin is most important to both protect skin as well as keep it glowing!

“The purpose of our skin is to act as a barrier – to keep us in and everything else out. A normal and well-functioning skin is a largely impermeable barrier designed to keep us healthy, ” says Dr Hilary Baldwin of the Acne Treatment & Research Center.

To “moisturize” does not only mean providing moisture. It also means preventing evaporation of moisture from the skin. Good moisturizers contain both emollients that seal the skin to prevent evaporation, and humectants that hold on to water. Old-time moisturizers like petrolatum just covered the skin and sat there.   Newer generation designer moisturizers have been specifically developed to become part of the stratum corneum, repair the defects in skin barrier function, manage inflammation and restore and maintain the skin microbiome diversity.

Bottom line: Moisturize at least twice per day for healthy, glowing skin!

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