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Let’s Talk Lasers

Face treatmentLasers have come a long way in a short amount of time when talking about acne treatment.  There is virtually a specific laser for every need.  Often a patient will need to be treated by more than one laser depending on the types of acne or rosacea lesions present.  Lasers can be used to treat acne itself:

  • to eradicate the pimples themselves
  • to treat the consequences of acne

Different types of laser treatments include:

  • Dye lasers – used to treat the red lesions (or red remnants of lesions) of acne and for the background redness of rosacea
  • Blue light and light with a photosensitizer (photodynamic therapy) – used to treat acne itself
  • Fraxel lasers and fillers can be used to lessen acne scars

Check with your dermatologist on what laser treatment might work best for you!

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