Take Control

Get clear Together

Hands Down Challenge

Stop touching your face! We know it’s hard to do, but the oils and bacteria on your fingers can actually worsen your acne. Challenge yourself to go a certain period of time without touching your face—maybe even challenge your friends to do it with you. Friends can help keep each other in check so no one cheats or forgets. Any violators are required to send an embarrassing Snapchat to the group (not really, but just imagine all those great snaps…)

Monthly Cleanse

Two things that can make your acne worse are an unhealthy diet and the oils that collect on your phone. Hit two birds with one stone by planning a cleansing day each month where you and your friends eat super healthy all day, and then you clean/disinfect your phones together. You can use a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar to disinfect properly!

Meditation Party

Stress can make your acne worse. You know what’s a great way to destress? Meditation. You know what’s more fun in a group? Meditation. So ditch those plans to go out to a movie or meet at the local fast food place this weekend (thumbs down to greasy foods anyways), and invite your friends over for a meditation party instead. It’ll help you forget about that awful history test and it will help your acne.

Dermatologist Date

If nothing seems to be working for you, the best thing to do is see a dermatologist. We know that seeing a dermatologist can be a drag (not to mention kind of uncomfortable and embarrassing), so spice it up by inviting a friend to go on a “dermatologist date” with you. Going together means more time for hanging out and less doctor’s office awkwardness for both of you. Win and win.